Ethiris NVR checks in at Luxury Hotel in Slovakia

AJTY Hotel Lomnica Ethiris NVR

AJTY Company Ltd has installed four Ethiris NVRs in combination with more than 70 cameras at Hotel Lomnica in Slovakia. The unique gallery at the hotel demands video surveillance that works flawlessly 24/7 without any disruptions in operation. AJTY saw the ideal solution with Ethiris NVR from Kentima which is run as an Ethiris Cluster.

AJTY Company Ltd was founded in 2005 in Bratislava, Slovakia and it is a system integrator who provides custom technical solutions. Kentima began cooperating with AJTY in 2014 and the company has made several successful Ethiris projects in Slovakia, Hungary, Rumania, Check Republican and Austria.

Hotel Lomnica was completed in 1849 and was one of the largest timber frame houses in Austro-Hungary, and also the most luxurious and desirable hotel. The hotel is located in the heart of the Slovakian High Tara mountains and offers traditional gastronomy, comfortable rooms and suits and facilities for the whole family; all in an elegant style with a touch of art, luxury and culture.

In 2016, the hotel had a vast restauration and simultaneously more than 70 cameras were installed and connected to an Ethiris Cluster consisting of four NVRs from Kentima. Since AJTY is a well-known company in the Slovakian security market, Hotel Lomnica chose to use AJTY as the system integrator for this high security surveillance system. The unique high-class gallery has a long history and art from all over the world and they demand video surveillance that works flawlessly around the clock without disruption. AJTY saw the ultimate solution in Ethiris NVR.

”It was the user-friendliness and integration possibilities in combination with high flexibility and reliability that made us choose this platform”, says Denis Fronko, Technical Director AJTY.

One of several important functions that made Ethiris fulfil the tough demands was the automatic function for redundancy. In the facility, four Ethiris NVRs work together in a Cluster with a redundancy level of one in none. It means that any of the NVRs can fail, and the other three will quickly and automatically take over the cameras that the failing NVR handled. In this way, continuous operation without disruption is maintained even if certain hardware should fail for some reason.

To achieve maximum reliability in operation, all Ethiris NVRs are delivered with a 32 GB mSATA SSD where the operating system and Ethiris VMS are pre-installed and pre-licensed. All four NVRs of the system use a common external 25TB NAS for all video storage. Ethiris has an efficient configuration guide where the system integrator only needs a few clicks in order to configure a basic system. Thereafter, all specific configurations for the facility are made and this has strongly contributed to the short configuration time of totally two days.

”The entire system started and was configured in only two days. This included customizing the surveillance system after the requirements of the customer”, says Juraj Vodensky, CEO AJTY.

There are many benefits from using Ethiris as surveillance system, for example high reliability and functionality, a unique cluster solution and the many possibilities to integrate Ethiris with other systems via different protocols such as OPC, HTTP, Modbus and so on.

When we ask Denis why they chose Ethiris, he simply says ”Because it´s awesome”!

Photo copyright: Marek Hajkovsky

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