Ethiris VMS monitors selected production lines at Volkswagen

AJTY Company Ltd has installed Kentima┬┤s Ethiris Video Management Software at Volkswagen Slovakia in Bratislava. Ethiris VMS and more than 60 cameras are used mostly to control the chassis building and paint shop department.

AJTY Company Ltd is located in the capital of Slovakia, Bratislava, and has been a system integrator for Kentima AB for many years. AJTY delivers customized surveillance solutions with advanced technology and have had many great projects with Ethiris, both VMS and NVR/NVC. Now they have installed Ethiris VMS together with more than 60 cameras at Volkswagen production unit in Slovakia. When Volkswagen Slovakia asked for a competent video surveillance software the answer was easy for AJTY, - Kentima´s Ethiris VMS!

Volkswagen Slovakia is the only automobile plant in the world that makes eight models of five brands under one roof. The latest 8th model is the Porsche Cayenne Coupé, which will be made exclusively in Bratislava for customers around the world. The other seven models are VW Touareg, VW up!, Audi Q7, Q8, SEAT Mii, SKODA Citigo and Porsche Cayenne.

The factory in Bratislava is huge and it is very hard for humans to find any issues at the production line. By surveillance with Ethiris VMS at some staging areas, mostly paint shop- and chassi building department, they can quickly and easily see what´s going on in these areas.

”Volkswagen has very high standards of security and demands on reliability of the system that is required by Volkswagen Slovakia. But once again, Ethiris can meet all of them”, says Denis Fronko, Technical Director AJTY.

The Kentima mindset, where performance and reliability is key, comes from having one foot in the security business and the other in automation. It permeates all product areas and is an important reason why Kentima’s products are widely used in mission-critical systems.

The integration possibilities in Ethiris VMS are comprehensive, due to support for standard protocols such as OPC, ONVIF and ODBC. By combining this with an outstanding java script engine, for maximum flexibility, you get a truly intelligent video surveillance system.

”Ethiris´ great flexibility, the high performance and the extensive possibility to integrate with other systems are features that made the selection easy”, says Jan Pesadik, Production Expert at Volkswagen.rdquo;

The inherent scalability is based on both a true Client/Server architecture and a straight-forward licensing model. New cameras can be added seamlessly to the system one-by-one just by upgrading the license key. New servers and clients can also be added if required to scale up the system. The client configurations are stored on the server and a new client easily loads the layout from the server and is up and running in no time.

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