Automation solutions

Within the business area Automation, we develop products that monitor machines and whole process plants. The products have a wide range of applications, are easy to integrate with other products and provide the operator with a modern, easy-to-use interface.

Product areas within Automation

Security solutions

Within the business area Security , we develop products for increased safety in the community. We offer VMS systems and security management platforms that meet market demands for flexibility, stability, and easy integration with other systems.

Product areas within Security

Success Stories

Turning Torso Gallery Ethiris NVR-1
Turning Torso Gallery

It’s in the Turning Torso Gallery Sydantenn & Tele AB has installed Kentima’s Ethiris NVR-1 to increase safety on the parking deck.

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IoTrack AutoLog is based on Ethiris NVR-2 from Kentima with Ethiris VMS pre-installed and licensed for the number of cameras required by the current application.

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Camera alarms directly connected to an alarm central are required to get a secure and cost-efficient surveillance.

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Borås Arena

The system in Borås Arena is comprised by a complete mid-size rack solution from Kentima.

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Volkswagen Slovakia

Volkswagen Slovakia is the only automobile plant in the world that makes eight models of five brands under one roof.

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Nordomatic success story Arenahotellet Uppsala
Arena hotel in Uppsala

At the new complex Arenahotellet a unique concept for template workviews has been developed as a further development of Kentima´s object library for building automation.

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AJTY Hotel Lomnica Ethiris NVR
Hotel Lomnica

AJTY Company Ltd saw the ideal solution with Ethiris NVR from Kentima which is run as an Ethiris Cluster.

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Ethiris VMS 13.2 – Now launched internationally

Ethiris VMS In the new version of Ethiris VMS, we launch a very exciting concept that we call adaptive video streams.

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Ethiris NVR-N Rack Solutions To provide the operator with an efficient workplace, and at the same time a neat and smooth installation, we offer equipment to be able to work with Ethiris VMS at a rack.

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Ethiris Network Video Panel – Now launched internationally

Ethiris NVR/NVC/NVP Ethiris NVP - New operator clients from Kentima. Ethiris NVP is our new series of attractive client computers that compelment our offering of Ethiris NVR and Ethiris NVC.

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Ethiris VMS 13.0 – Now launched internationally

Ethiris VMS A completely new subscription-based licensing model, new service and the ability to run multiple instances of Ethiris Server, are some of the news in Ethiris VMS 13.0.

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